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Experiment 5

Domain: robotic Title:pathology Goal: parameters modification in real-time

The aim of this experiment is to show that the parameters of the auto-adaptive system can be modified in real-time.

Hypothesis: the robot is active in an unknown environment to execute several actions according to goals. A goal is represented by a graph of words with topological links.

Goal: the aim is to play with Alain (with the ball or with the computer). But, with a modification, in real-time, of the parameters of the word "Work", there is a serious alteration of the goal. Suddenly, the robot want to work.

The figure 1 shows the morphology of the system before the modification in real-time. The figure 2 shows the focal point. After the modification, the morphology change in parallel of the focal point (figures 3 and 4).

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Figure 1. Knowledge morphology before the modification.

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Figure 2. The focal point before the modification.

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Figure 3. Knowledge morphology after the modification.

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Figure 4. The focal point after the modification.