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Experiment 4

Domain: code generation Title: web design Goal: to generate an HTML page

Hypothesis: a user who don't know the HTML language want to create a simple web page. He uses the provided ontology

The aim of this experiment is to show the flexibility of the Auto-Adaptive System (AAS). An ontology update is sufficient to give new capacities to the AAS.

For this experiment a new classification has been added to the ontology: it is a part of the HTML language. On the figures 1, 2, 3 and 4, we have the new elements in the classification, all new agents for the new aim and a new experience.

Figure 1. Elements of classification.

Figure 2. List of agents.

Figure 3. Experience linked to the HTML generation.

Figure 4. Agent description concerning an HTML page.

During the processing, we have logs on a Terminal (figure 6). The result of the processing is presented on the figures 5 and 7. The AAS generate HTML language to create a web page. We have to work on the ontology to create more complex pages.

Figure 5. Code generated.

Figure 6. Log of the code generation.

Figure 7. The result of the generation.

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