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Expertement 2

Domain: robotic Title: emotional process Goal: Play with Ball or Bone

Here we present a video representing a mental state deteriorated by the emotional system (a minimal scenario).

Hypothesis: The robot is active in an unknown environment to execute a set of actions according to goals.

In our case, an entity is described as a machine with a body and an artificial brain which is not embedded for performance reasons. This approach follows that of Damasio (Damasio, 1995). Contrary to Descartes (Descartes, 1997) who states that the mind is completely separate from the body, the body and mind process in synergy. It is only with the body that the mind can treat different information in an environment. Emotions are in the ontology and are linked to different stimulus.

Here, emotions are processed at the agent level. But in the future, it will be on another level:

  • The emotions are periodic movements of aggregations of structuring agents.
  • These aggregations express at the same time the character of the emotion and those of a representation of something (of an object) which is faded. 
  • The type of deterioration represents the type of the emotion.
  • Deterioration is a modification of emergence making be distinguished an object (focal point).
  • The intensity of the emotion is represented by the frequency of aggregations.

It is a first step, we have the model to process complex emotions and feelings in the direction of Damasio.


To play with the Ball or the Bone.

Emotional Features

Pleasure and Dissatisfaction


For the Ball: physical capacities, persons, specific space, verbs and colors.

For the Bone: physical capacities, an emotion and a color.

For Pleasure: objects (ball, cushion, cover and bone), a verb (to play), a color (pink) and a person (Alain).

For Dissatisfaction: a verb (to work), an object (generator), a state (fatigue) and a person (Alain).

Results and System Behavior

All results are private and this presentation not exposed all crucial points.

Emotion Pleasure is more processed that the emotion Dissatisfaction because it has more accountancies with the context of the environment.

The robot modifies its behavior when the emotion Pleasure decreases. This modification is radical when the emotion Dissatisfaction increases. The robot thinks to play with lot of things when emotion has more and more important, it is submerged by emotions and forgot its aims.

A video without emotions. The robot want to play ball with Alain and has pleasure, so it succeeds its goal:

A video with emotions. The robot doesn't want to play ball, it has dissatisfaction because there is lot of emotions such as sorrow, joy and love. The robot forgot its aims: